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WeLovArt is an international social network bringing together artists from all artistic fields
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WeLovArt also offers to its users, and any other curious reader,
an independent international fashion and art webzine. 


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WeLovArt offers artists more exposure through:

WeLovArt is open to influencers/bloggers from all over the world
passionate about art, fashion, beauty, cinema… which allows them:

WeLovArt offers recruiters a way to gain visibility and clientele on a national and international level thanks to:

WeLovArt offers advertisers / brands the opportunity to:

WeLovArt can be consulted by all art enthusiasts because art must be accessible to all.

We will soon allow them to buy works via the site.

WeLovArt is open to artists from the 1st to the 11th art.

1st art
Architecture :
buildings, interior architecture

2nd art

3rd art
Visual/graphical arts :
paintings, drawings, photographies, designs,

4th art
Music :
any style and any instruments

5th art
Literature :
poetry, novels and anything related to writing

6th art
Performing arts :
dance, theater, stand up, illusionism, mime
and circus shows

7th art
Cinéma :
motion picture, medium-length feature, short movie, television films and series, other audiovisual production

8th art
Media :
radio, television, press

9th art
manga, comic strip

10th art
and digital arts

11th art

International fashion and art webzine

Not only is WeLovArt a social network, it also is an international webzine
shedding light on fashion and art industries via articles and videos.

Throughout the fashion sections, picture, stage, the WeLovArt webzine provides a great variety of contents :

Event planning

WeLovArt organizes artist exhibitions, photo shoots, runway shows, etc. If you wish to participate in an upcoming event or that we organize your event, write to us in the Contact section (at the bottom of the page).